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How to Use Your Sunless Tanning Lotion Right Sunless tanning lotions offer a quick solution to a summer tan. They let you look great without wasting time baking under the sun. They are effective and quick to act but must be used appropriately to ensure that you get the perfect results once you apply them. Here are some of the things to consider when applying your sunless tanning lotion. The first step to using your sunless tanning product well is by exfoliating fast. Spend more time on areas with more skin like the elbows and the ankles. When you exfoliate will get rid of the dead cells in your skin hence bringing them in to the bare minimum. With less dead cells, the tanning lotion will ensure that you only tan the dead cells that will remain hanging around your body for long hence increasing the time that you remain with the tan. The next power tip when using sunless tanning lotion lies in applying the product in sections. Massage the lotion into your skin rather than just lathing it on. Segmenting the body will give you the time to concentrate on each section and even wash off your palms to avoid tanning them more. Working in sections gives you time to concentrate on each part of the body to ensure that you evenly cover yourself in the sunless tanning lotion.
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Take some time to compensate for the tough parts of your body by using more lotion on them. This will include sections like the feet, heels and knees. These sections tend to have more dead skin and will therefore need more of the lotion to tan evenly.
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The opposite of compensating for hard parts of the body is true. Soft areas include the joint areas. You can use a damp towel to gently rub off the extra lotion. This will not only get rid of the surplus but also rub in the lotion giving it an excellent finish. The greatest mistake many people do after applying the tanning lotion is throwing on clothes immediately. Experts would advocate for a ten minute break to let the lotion sink. You should also dress in loose clothes to let the lotion set and react some more. The basis of a perfect tan is in choosing the right product for your skin. This and using it right will give you the right tan.