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The Top Sunless Tanning Lotion Tips Skin tanning is not a new thing, as people have been darkening their skin to protect themselves against ultraviolet penetration which can be harmful, for cosmetic purposes and such other reasons. Sun tanning is however discouraged by experts as it poses some negative health risks when one is exposed to UV rays. One may get sunburns, increased risks of skin cancer, depressed immune system function, and accelerated skin aging among other negative effects. Sunless tanning lotions are more recommended as they are UV-free. This is not to mean that any sunless tanning lotion will give you the results you want. There are a few things you need to know first. The following are the sunless tanning lotion tips you need to know. Only purchase authentic products
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You always emphasize on asking for genuine products when buying a sunless tanning lotion. The increased demand has seen quite a number of sunless tanning lotions being made. Unfortunately not all of them are authentic. Take your time to find a legit, reputable and reliable to buy from and their products should be of the highest quality. Also be wary of extremely low products, they could be of poor quality.
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Not every sunless tanning lotion is good for you Different people have different skin types and are not necessarily the same. Not all will be compatible with your specific type of skin. People are different and what may have worked with your friend’s skin may not give as good result as when your friend applies it. There are those that work better for those with pale skins, fair skins, others for those with medium skin, deep skin and other so forth. Where you are not sure it is better you ask first before you start using it. Apply appropriately How you apply your tanning lotion will at most times determine if it will be effective on you or not. You will need to shave all the hair you don’t want prior to applying it. This includes on the legs, underarms, face, chest and such areas. You will also need to exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells before applying. Dry the skin after the shaving and exfoliating, and apply the lotion in short circular motions with your gloves on. You should apply a little Vaseline on your eyebrows to prevent them from being discolored by the tanning lotion. Before putting on your clothes or go to bed, the sunless tanning lotion you applied will need about an hour. This is enough time for it to dry and be effective. Always make sure you look for a sunless tanning lotion that works best with your skin.