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Tips on Getting Premium Hair Extensions An important fact to highlight is that when it comes to selecting hair extension, it can be hard to tell between a standard and a premium hair extension, but with the help of some guidelines, this should be easy to do. It is important to note that when it comes to selecting the best hair extensions, it is important to know is the hair made from synthetic hair or human hair. Human hair is the best choice since it not only lasts longer but it has some advantages such as the natural feel and look like natural hair, the person can use any heat be it a blow dryer or irons on it without the risk of damaging it and the hair does not fade like synthetic hair that usually has a silicone coating that fades. Besides looking at the material used to make the hair the buyer needs to look at the quality of the hair fibers and whether the hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction. It is important to highlight that apart from looking at the quality of material used to make the hair the buyer also needs to assess the quality of the wefts and whether each weft has been professionally sewn with a high standard and it does not have any strands sticking out from the sides. An amazing fact to note is that high-quality hair extensions do not shed the hair even after styling it many times. An incredible fact to highlight is that to test whether the extension sheds hair the buyer can run their hands through the extension and see whether their hands glide smoothly through the without shedding of many hair strands. An incredible fact to highlight is that thickness is also important to look into since premium hair extensions have the same thickness from top to bottom and have no gaps seen in between the hair when they are held up against the light. In most instances if the weft of hair has many gaps in the hair or is thicker at if it is thinner at the the bottom than the top, then it is most likely not a premium extension. A pertinent issue to highlight is that the clips used in a hair extension also tell the buyer about the quality of hair and when assessing the clips on the hair there are some things to look into such as the following: tightness of clipping onto the hair, comfort of wearing them and the presence of wefts moving down the hair caused by the clips. An amazing fact is that premium extensions have clips that are made of various materials such as silicone or rubber and they provide a firm grip on the hair to hold the hair in place and do not cause the extension to slip down the hair strands.Getting Creative With Products Advice

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